Is Europe really emerging from the financial crisis? What’s going to happen to Europe’s 5 million unemployed young people? Does the rise of euro-sceptic politics spell the end of the EU as we know it? Will Europe act on Syria?

Now’s your chance to put these questions and others to the man in charge of the European Commission, President José Manuel Barroso, in a special, live State of the European Union Hangout interview, hosted by the euronews Global Conversation team, but driven by you.

The Hangout on Air takes place on Thursday 12 September at 20:50 CET / 11:50 PDT, one day after President Barroso’s 2013 State of the European Union address.

euronews is soliciting questions, comments and ideas for the interview until 12:00 CET / 03:00 PDT on Wednesday 11 September. No topic is too big or too small—all you need to do is submit your question (text or video) on Google+, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #askbarroso. The authors of the best questions—as chosen by euronews editors—will be invited to interview the President in person, live, in the Google+ Hangout.

To tune in, visit the European Commission’s Google+ page Thursday 12 September at 20:50 CET / 11:50 PDT. And of course, you can keep commenting up to and after the interview using the hashtags #askbarroso and #SOTEU.

How will Europe get out of the economic crisis? Will the European Union - and its currency - remain intact? What’s the plan to get young people out of unemployment? These are some of the key questions that José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, is likely to address in his State of the Union speech on 12th September.

But if you had the chance, what would you ask him?

On Wednesday 19th September at 19:00 CET, you’ll have that chance. President Barroso will answer your questions in a special, live Euronews / Google+ Hangout interview. Starting today and up to Tuesday 18th September at midday, you can submit your video and text questions - and vote for your favourites - via Euronews will select several top-voted questioners to join President Barroso in the Google+ Hangout and ask him their questions in person.

Video questions are preferred (though text questions are fine too) and they should be about 20 seconds long - further tips on how to make and submit questions are available here.

If you need ideas, you can also watch President Barroso’s State of the Union address live on Wednesday 12th September at 9am CET via the Commission’s website or you could join the discussion on Google+.

The interview will be broadcast live on 19th September on the Euronews cable network and website, on EUtube, on the Commission’s Google+ page, on Europe by Satellite, and the President's website.