If you are a butcher, sweet shop, clog seller, or baby clothes retailer - or any other small business - that has moved online, enter the euronews Business Awards. Broadcaster euronews and Google are looking for stories of how European small to medium sized enterprises are using the internet to successfully attract new customers, grow market share or go global.

Here’s how to enter. Film a video of up to one minute explaining how your business has moved online. Upload it to euronews Business Awards YouTube channel and choose one of the three categories: growing online, going international; or women in business.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a budding film director. We are not looking for beautifully shot videos using the latest in film technology and an array of props. A simple, homemade film shot with a simple, off-the-shelf video camera or even a mobile phone will be fine. The most important thing is to tell an interesting tale about a small business and the Internet. Any employee of the business is welcome to participate.

Winners will be announced during the European Commission’s SME Week in mid-October. They will be featured on euronews and win an all-expenses-paid trip to a prize-giving event in Brussels, a Galaxy Nexus phone, a Chromebook and online training from Google experts.

We’ve long believed that the Internet helps create innovative new small businesses - and that small businesses that go online, grow faster, export more and create more jobs than their offline competitors. A recent study coming out of Germany from the IW Cologne consultants found that German entrepreneurs have founded 28,000 new businesses over the past five years using online services from Google and other web companies. These new businesses have created nearly 100,000 new jobs and in 2010 generated EUR 8.6 billion in sales.

Help us illustrate these numbers by sharing some great stories of European businesses that are shining online.