Update, Tuesday 28 February, 14:30 CET: Today we received a letter from the CNIL, and we have responded with this letter.

Update, Friday 20 April, 14:15 CEST: We have now responded to all the questions from the CNIL with this letter and this appendix.

Update, Thursday 21 June, 14:35 CEST: We have responded to the second set of questions from the CNIL with this letter.

Last night we received a letter from the Jacob Kohnstamm, Chairman of the Europe's Article 29 Working Party, asking for additional information about the changes to our privacy policy.

We briefed most of the members of the working party in the weeks leading up to our announcement. None of them expressed substantial concerns at the time, but of course we're happy to speak with any data protection authority that has questions.

We have responded to Mr Kohnstamm with further information, which you can read here.

As we’ve said several times over the past week, while our privacy policies will change on 1st March, our commitment to our privacy principles is as strong as ever.